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There aren't too many companies that not only do vaporizers but also glass accessories like water pipes. Lookah is definitely one of those in case you haven't heard. 

What is Lookah?

Lookah is an innovative company that offers vapes like dab pens and nectar collectors along with glass accessories like dab rigs and water pipes. They give you the lowest prices on various different designs.

Vapes and Dab Pens

Simply use a vape when you need a quick discreet hit. These are very efficient and portable. The nectar collector is used with a coil and a tip and they vary from quartz to ceramic, depending on your preference. You can choose between temperature and voltage for the Lookah Seahorse Pro.


Glass can be very tricky. Some people want thick glass while others want something more portable and lightweight. Regardless of what you want Lookah has it.

Water Pipes

Lookah glass water pipes and dab rigs have multiple recyclers to help filter your water.