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King Palm Leaf Wraps


There are a ton of blunts and wraps to choose from nowadays. Whether you like to roll it up yourself or you like them as a cone to stuff the herb yourself there is something for everyone. King Palm Leaf Cones are perfect if you're smoking in a group.

What are King Palm Leaf Wraps? 

King Palm Natural Leaf Wrap is a super unique blunt cone. They are one of the best hand-rolled natural leaves that provide a smooth unique smoke. Each King Palm is made with no tobacco, additives, preservatives and glue. They also include natural corn-husk filters as a tip so you can hold it properly without using a clip. 

All you have to do with these is simply fill it up. Tightly pack your dry herbs down the pre-rolled wrap. It's best if your herbs are semi-ground.

What are King Palm Wraps Made of? 

The King Palm blunts are made up of leaves that create the perfect smoking accessory. These leaves are mean't to be burned and smoking it works great!


Some King Palm Leaf Wraps include different flavors. In order, to activate the flavors, you need to squeeze or pop the filters. The flavors include:

  • Berry
  • Margarita
  • Banana Cream 
  • Fruit Passion
  • Watermelon
  • Mint


There are a lot of benefits of smoking King Palms over many other wraps, cones and pre-rolls.

Burn Slow 

These burn really slow and it is mostly because of the leaves it is wrapped in. The leaves give it a slow even burn that smokes really smooth.

No Bad Smell 

When you smoke blunt wraps, they generally either don't have a distinct smell or they smell really good. Some can smell awful but King Palms are perfect. The leaf wrap smells great and there is no hint of anything burning.

Great Flavor 

There are several great flavors from King Palm. The burning of the leaf is not where the taste comes from but the natural corn husk has a flavor enhancer. Simply pop it and any hit will taste exactly like that flavor is.