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Hand Pipes

One of the oldest and most traditional ways to smoke is through a hand pipe. A hand pipe is not a new technology to worry about and yet it comes in such a cool artsy designs. Such a simple design, they were created thousands of years ago through wood.

What are Hand Pipes?

Hand pipes are exactly as the name suggests. They are pipes that are small enough to hold in your hand. There are a plethora of different types of pipes from spoon, Sherlock, and steam rollers.

A glass hand pipe or silicone is very easy to use. All you need is a lighter to light your herbs. These are one of the most discreet ways to smoke because of their small and portable feature. Pipes have been one of the most practical ways of smoking. 

Parts of a Pipe

Although a hand pipe is small enough, it still contains of a few parts. They are generally all connected but each component plays a different role.


The bowl is the most important part of the pipe. This is where you will be packing your ground up dry herbs. Depending on the size of the bowl, you can pack more but it is often more efficient to pack less. Some bowls will have one hole at the bottom that leads to the mouthpiece while others will have multiple holes that are smaller.


The carb of most hand pipes will be located on the side of the bowl on the outside. The point of a carb is used to create better airflow which creates a more intense hit.

Chamber Shaft

The chamber or the shaft is the long piece that connects the mouthpiece to the bowl. It is where the smoke will be traveling and doing most of the cooling off. The longer the chamber the cooler your smoke is.

Benefits of a Hand Pipe


One of the best parts about a hand pipe is that they're portable. They are usually pocket sized and the more discreet they get, the smaller they become.

This also makes it very easy to take it places with you.The fact that you have a smoking accessory that you can take with you where ever you go is very convenient


Depending on the type of material, they can be very durable. Usually the bigger they are, the more sturdy they are. If you get a glass piece, make sure it is double sided. This means it is thicker than a regular glass hand pipe.


Due to their size, hand pipes are generally small. This makes them very affordable since you don't have to worry about spending an arm and a leg.


Pipes come in different materials. Some might be better than others but most people prefer glass.


Glass hand pipes are the most common. They show off the artists design. Fancy glass pipes usually change colors from the residue build up. It starts building up with black residue. Glass is also the easiest to clean.


Silicone is very flexible and unbreakable. You can drop it and not worry. It is also freezer safe meaning you can put it in the freezer then use it when it's really cold. A silicone hand pipe is also much more sturdy. You can bend it and it won't break. It's also very heat resistant. It's considered the unbreakable pipe.


Metal hand pipes are another type of material used to make pipes but they are also avoided because metal conducts heat very well. With conduction heating, the whole pipe starts getting hot and you can burn your lips or hands.However, most of them don't do that if they're higher quality.


Wood is usually used on collector type pipes. These are the Sherlock Holmes and Gandalf types. Although some people use that to smoke, others use it as a collectors decor.


Different Types of Pipes

Hand pipe is a very broad word but you probably think of a specific type when you think of them. Here are the different types of pipes.


A spoon is a regular bowl pipe. They are small and come with the three components almost all the time. They are the most common types in smoke shops

Chillum & One-Hitter

A chillum or a one hitter is the most simple and discreet way to smoke. It is simply a straight tube with two holes, one on each end. it doesn't have a carb. You pack your herbs in one end and inhale it from the other. Just like the name says, a chillum is usually only good for one hit.

Steam Rollers

Steam rollers are much different than the rest. Steamrollers have two ends open and a third hole on top. You pack your herbs on top and use the front hole to increase air flow like a huge carb. 

Sherlock & Gandalf

If you have watched Lord of the Rings or know about Sherlock Holmes, you know about the long pipe they use to smoke. These are inspired by them and are used more for decors or as collectibles.

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