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E-Nail & E-Rigs

Dabbing has gone from something no one understood or knew about to a common way to smoke. Whether it's from a wax pen or a dab rig, dabbing can be a whole new world for most people. One of the biggest reasons people don't use dab rigs is the hassle of using a torch and getting the heat to the right temperature. This is why using an e-Nail is perfect.

What is an eNail?

An e-Nail or an electric dab nail is a super simple device that it is either an all in one unit or a coil attached to a power unit.

Portable E-Nail for Dabs

The all in one units are small portable vaporizers. They don't require you to need a power outlet to plug in the power adapter. You can simply charge it and turn it on by clicking a button. The atomizer or coil attached to the cheap enail dab will begin to heat up. You can place your wax directly on the coil as its heating up, carb it and inhale.

e-Nail Dab

Some eNails are not going to be portable. They are required to be put into an electric outlet to power up. You can adjust the temperature by several hundred degrees to make sure you get the optimal vapor. It is very easy to gauge and control the temperature with these electric dab nails.

Benefits of an Electric Dab Nail?

Some people like low temperature dabs for the ultimate flavor while others prefer high  temperature dabs to get the full efficiency. Depending on the type of concentrates you're using, you can adjust the temperature for the best vapor.

Optimal Temperature

Picking specific temperature at which your coil is going to be heating up at is very important. Similar to a dry herb vaporizer with a temperature selection, you don't want to heat it up too high or too low. This can be counter intuitive. 

Less Mess

Since you don't need to use a torch for this, there is no heating it up, then dabbing the wax onto your dabber. you can skip the torch and go straight to prepping for your next dab.

No Need for Torch

Since you don't need a torch on an electric dab nail, you don't need to worry about buying a torch or filling it up with butane. This makes it easier to dabbing because an e-Nail

How Do You Use an e-Nail?

An eNail or an e-Rig is perfect for dabbing. With one, you can easily turn it on and set your desired temperature on it. Once the temperature has been reached, you will either see the temperature stay the same on the LCD read out or it will notify you by displaying a specific color.

This means you can dip your dabber into your concentrate and dab right after it's ready.