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Dab Rig

The practice of dabbing from a dab rig includes heating up concentrated wax or oil to the point of vaporization. Unlike herbs in the flower form, these concentrates require special equipment in order to turn them into vapors. This smoking accessory is known as a dab bong. For those who are new to the term, this guide will help you better understand wax rigs and the benefits.

There are becoming more and more ways of using the concentrates are being practiced to enhance the effect and to experience the desired effects in different ways. One of these ways, which is known for being a much more intense experience, is known as dabbing.

What is a Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs are special water pipes that are used to smoke oil and wax concentrates. These setups will often feature simple or complex designs with mini bodies to help cool down and filter the smoke before it reaches the user’s mouth. Although modifications exist that can make other water pipes into makeshift wax rigs, these do not function the same as normal dab bongs will.


Because cheap dab oil rigs are made specifically for wax and oil concentrate, they come plenty of benefits that make the overall dabbing experience enjoyable. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to experience when you use a silicone dab rig kit.

Water Filtration

Water serves two purposes in water pipes. The first purpose is to filter out all of the tars and toxins that are inhaled when you are smoking. The tar and resin is collected on the sides of the water pipe and in the water. This gives you cleaner, filtered hits.

The second purpose that it serves is to cool down the hot vapors by filtering them through the water. Since unique glass wax rigs require high temperatures in order to vaporize the concentrates, the vapor is hot as well and it must be filtered to avoid hurting the user.

Better Experience

Many dry herb smokers truly enjoy the taste of the herbs. Using a cheap dab rig, you can truly enjoy the flavors of these concentrates. The dab oil rig itself is designed to give you the best dabbing experience that you can have.

Smoother Hits

Wax and oil concentrates must be heated up to a certain temperature so that they may be vaporized. When they are subjected to extremely high temperatures, the vapor turns into smoke. If dabs at high temperature are inhaled, they will be extremely harsh on the throat and taste weird. The concentrate rig helps to cool down these heated vapors before they reach your mouth. This means that you get much smoother hits when you vaporize wax and oil hits using a mini dab rig.

Dab Tools for Dabbing

Using a portable dab oil rig bong is by no means a complex smoking apparatus to operate but there are some newer tools that could be confusing to new users. To better understand how the glass dab rig functions, here are some of the dab tools that are used during the dabbing process.


The dabber is the tool that is used to scoop the wax concentrate onto the nail or banger. The dabber usually has a long, pointed end that catches the concentrate and allows you to apply it directly to the heated surface. The other end also sometimes has a mushroom or flat shaped surface to control the airflow. These tools are generally made out of quartz so that they can withstand the high temperatures without melting or breaking.


A banger is a type of dab rig nail that features raised walls and a deep dish that makes sure you get every drop of your wax or oil concentrate. Bangers are usually made of quartz glass or other similar materials to allow it to withstand high temperatures when you are heating it up with a torch. The banger goes straight into the down stem of the cool dab rig.


A nail is exactly what it sounds like, a long nail looking like piece. These types of nails may feature a dome or may be domeless. The dome goes over the nail to capture as much smoke as possible. 


A torch is a tool that is used to heat up the nail on your device. Unless you have an electronic nail that allows you to heat the nail up without having to use a torch. Your propane or butane torch gives you the ability to rapidly heat your nail so that it reaches the required temperature to vaporize your concentrates. Torches are very easy to use and refillable as well.

Different Materials for Dab Bongs

The majority of glass or silicone small dab rig that are advertised or offered in smoke shops happen to be glass. It can be easy to assume that this is the only material you have to choose from when you begin shopping around for your own cheap dab rig. However, there are actually multiple materials that portable dab oil rigs are made out of like glass and silicone. To give you a better idea of what options you have, here are a few of those materials.

Glass / Quartz

Quartz and glass dab rigs are popular and for good reason. Glass helps to maintain the flavor as it travels through the glass. This makes sure that you are able to enjoy the taste of your vapor as it travels through the device and into your lungs. The only downside of devices such as these is that they break easily. It can make them a bad choice for those who are clumsy or those who want to travel with their wax rig. 


Silicone is a desirable material because it's flexible and gives the user the ability to move around without having to worry about breaking their portable silicone dab rig kit. These make desirable smoking accessories for those who have a tendency to break glass pieces. They may not provide as much of a high-quality vaping experience as you would get with a glass piece. You may also accidentally damage your wax rig if you apply direct heat to the body of the rig.

How to use a Portable Wax Rig For Sale

Using a rig for concentrates is fairly simple and you will catch on in no time. To begin using the wax rig, use your dabber to scoop up some of the wax concentrate. Turn on your torch and heat up your nail until it has becomes really hot. Give your nail about 15-20 seconds to cool down, especially if it is glowing red hot. Apply the tip of the dabber to the dish and swirl it around in circular motions in order to get all of your concentrate. 

Wholesale Dab Rigs

Wholesale dab rigs are one of the best ways to save on your smoking accessories. Whether you're a wholesaler, distributor, smoke shop, head shops or convenient store, it's a great way to pass the savings to your customer. Dabbing is an entirely new experience that is much more different than smoking dry herbs in its flower form. Therefore, it can seem like a bit of a stretch to invest in a large, high-quality dab kit. If you’re on the hunt for a wax rig for oil that will allow you to experience dab but at a more affordable price, consider purchasing a wholesale rig.