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RAW Smokers Smell-Proof Backpack (Version 2)

Sold out


  • Smell-Proof Bag
  • Version 2
  • Cool RAW Design
  • Extra Patches on it
  • Special Limited Edition
  • 6 Layers of Fabric

*Sold Online Only*

RAW Smokers Smellproof Backpack (Version 2)


Enter the world of the RAW smell proof hemp backpack. This second version is covered with the coolest patches. Simply put your dry herbs in the backpack and double zip it closed. It is totally smell proof.

This RAW backpack contains 6 layers of fabrics with durable material. This bag is not cheap as its made from thick hemp.


This backpack will lock all stinky odors inside using a last layer of activated carbon sandwiched betwen two layers of filter-fabric, a waterproof foil layer, a mesh layer and a final layer or natura durable burlap. There is even a lockable silicone gasketed double zipper for added security.