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Newport Zero Torch Top Unit Head Attachment

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  • Works with Newport Butane Gas Cylinder
  • 1300° Blue Flame
  • Adjustable Flame Height
  • Built-In Ignition System
  • 360° Safe Flame Rotation
  • One Newport 300mls Butane Cylinder Burns Up To 3 Hours

*No Butane Included in Each Torch*

Newport Zero Torch Top Unit Head Attachment

This Newport Zero fit on top torch is part of the screw series. Simply screw the bottom of the Newport Zero onto a Newport gas cylinder butane.

*Random Colors Will Be Sent With Each Order*

How to Use the Newport Zero Torch Head Attachment:

A. Turn gas connector to unlock position

B. Push onto gas cylinder

C. Hold gas connector, turn lock clockwise to fix.

D. Screw torch clockwise.

E. Make sure the torch is tightly fixed.

F. Push safety lock

G. Push ignition button

H. Lock flame.

I. Adjust flame.

J. To unlock flame

K. Always unscrew torch from the butane can when not in use.

Parts Identification:

1. Gas Connector

. Connector Lock

3. Flame Guard

4. Safety Lock

5. Ignitor Button

6. Continuous Flame Lock Lever

7. Flame Adjustment Slide