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We Are Still OPEN During COVID-19! Click Here for Info!

Monster Lo-Carb 16oz Safe Can



Hidden Compartment Safe

Monster Lo-Carb 16oz Safe Can

You don’t want it to be obvious where your stash is. But you need to keep everything organized. Not a problem with a Monster Energy stash can can from Smoke Tokes! These cans look just like your favorite energy drink, but feature a hidden compartment safe. It’s the best way to keep ingredients together yet be a little more discreet.

A Unique Storage Option

It’s important to stock up on a unique pipe or dab rig – so why not get a unique way to store things too? That’s a done deal with our Monster Energy safe can! It may look like an empty energy drink can, but it’s actually a great way to keep your supplies safely tucked away. It’s definitely cooler looking than a traditional box. And you’ll be able to keep it handy whether you are just smoking around the house or on the go.