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Boveda Humidifying Packs



  • Humidifying Hydration Packs
  • Helps Keep Your Herbs Moist
  • 62% Humidity per Pack
  • 2 Way Humidity Control
  • No Mess. No Worries. Enjoy
  • Small 200 Packs 1/2 oz
  • Medium 100 Packs 1/oz
  • Large 30 Packs 1/Lb

Boveda Humidifying Packs

The Boveda humidifier is the perfect deactivator for all your herbs. Simply take your packets and throw them in your jar or bag of herbs. It will work by itself.

The Boveda humidifying packs are perfect to create humidity and moisture. This will help your dry herbs stay fresh rather than dry and crumble.