Wholesale Dispensary Supplies

SmokeTokes is one of the biggest wholesale and distributors to dispensaries. We carry over 7,000 products related to smoke shop accessories, vapes and accessories along with dispensary supplies. In the growing dispensary industry, you will always need to stock up.

What are Dispensary Supplies

Dispensaries, like every other business need accessories and supplies. Supplies can be exit bags, packagings, jars or a smoking accessory. We also carry different smell proof bags, dab containers from acrylic to silicone, different size dram capsules and vials. 

Located in Los Angeles, our mission at SmokeTokes is to provide medical dispensaries with the best superior quality products. Our job is to make it easier and better for you to pick your supplies. With a simple e-mail or call to us, we can send you our catalog.

420 Packaging

Dispensaries require specific packaging to operate by the law. Not all the laws are the same but they generally require the patient to walk out with a prescription or exit bag. This look similar to the bag you get when you purchase something from a pharmacy. There are definitely smell proof bags to stop the herb smell from seeping out. Smell proof bags are either apple baggies, mylar bags or stink sacks.. There are also reversible vial and pop top caps.

Dispensary Supplies Wholesale

  • Bags & Packaging
  • Labels
  • Pop Tops and Reversible Vials
  • Doob Tubes and J-Tubes
  • Herbal Jars
  • Herb Scales

Smoking Accessories

  • Hand Pipe
  • Water Pipes
  • Lighters and Torches
  • Rolling Papers and Wraps
  • Dab Tools
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Butanes

Working with us is simple. Follow the link below or click here to call us directly! You will find all the dispensary supplies you need at wholesale prices from Smoke Tokes. We offer nothing but the highest quality products to keep your products secure and fresh.

Within the next business day, upon approval,  we will grant you access to our wholesale pricing!

You will get access to not only the lowest prices in the for dispensary products but you will also get access to all the products available.