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Stink Sack


While there are loads of general smell proof storage solutions out there which can be used to store your bud, most of them come with at least a few caveats.

What are Stink Sacks

Stink Sacks are designed to be used solely for herbal storage. Not only are they completely odor proof, Stink Sacks are easily resealable as well. This makes them a long-lasting and valuable tool that any veteran smoker should be taking advantage of.

Stink Sacks also come in a variety of sizes, designed to carry anything from as little as a gram of herbs to an entire whopping pound. Unlike Apple baggies or Mylar bags, Stink Sacks also come in a child-resistant variant. They are also much easier to open and reseal compared to Mylar bags which require an iron in order to get a proper seal.


  • Eighth
  • Gram
  • Half Pound
  • Ounce
  • Pound
  • Quarter
  • XL Pound


In addition, Stink Sacks also come in a wide variety of designs. Aside from a completely see-through option, there's also a much more discreet black version. This should make transporting a worry and hassle free experience. For those inclined, a series of novelty prints are also available such as a skull, camo, or credit card themes that surprisingly go well on the Stink Sack.




Mylar bags are known to be one of the best long-term storage solutions for dry herbs or any food-related product. They can be a bit time consuming to set up and seal properly as a heat source such as a clothes iron is required to get a proper seal. Stink Sacks, on the other hand, can be easily sealed just by hand and don't require any tools to get that smell proof guarantee. They use a lock similar to ziplock bags.


Stink Sacks are highly durable as well, making them a good long-term solution for storing your herbs. The best part is that after you open a Stink Sack, there's absolutely no reason to throw it away. Each and every Stink Sack is designed to be used multiple times making them a more economical option. They're also highly durable, being more resistant to tears than your average Ziploc bag.

Different Sizes

As you can probably tell from the list of sizes above, Stink Sacks are highly versatile in terms of the quantity of bud you can store. Only got a gram of dry herbs? No worries, Stink has got you covered. Even those buying their merchandise by the pound won't be left out as Stink Sacks offer sizes designed to accommodate those amounts as well. This is also one of the reasons that only consumers, but also retailers and dispensaries use Stink Sacks as well, thanks to their ability to store larger amounts of herbs quickly and easily.

Smell Proof

Last but definitely not the least, Stink Sacks are smell proof. This means that they prevent any smell from getting in or out of the bag. One big advantage of this is you can now store herbs in your cabinet, purse, backpack, etc. without having the rest of the contents of your bag end up smelling. It's also a great tool to have for when living with those who aren't very partial to that distinct dry herb smell.

What are They made of?

Every Stink Sack is primarily constructed out of polypropylene, a material which is considered food safe. It is widely used to make the majority of food containers available in the market today. This makes Stink Sacks not only great for storing dry herb but edibles as well. You won't have to worry about any potentially toxic chemicals leeching into your edibles or herb.