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Rolling Wraps

Blunt wraps do pack a better punch than joints. Not only does it burn better but there is an overall flavor improvement. They are often difficult to roll and they lack the moist quality and flavor quality that you would find in some joint wraps.

However, there is a product that provides a solution to these issues. If you have been looking for a better blunt smoking experience, continue reading to learn more about rolling wraps and what they can do for your smoking sessions.

What Are Rolling Blunt Wraps?

To better understand rolling blunt wraps, we first have to review what it is. Rather than using the thin papers that make up joints, wraps consist of dry herbs like tobacco that is packed into a cigar filter for a better taste and a longer lasting smoking session.

However, these cigar casings can often be flavorless and difficult to roll after you’ve split them open to remove the tobacco. Therefore, the hemp blunt wrap was created, which is essentially a thicker piece of cigar wrap. It is rolled up without having to deal with the process of breaking open a cigar and packing it with herbs to create your blunt.


As we stated above, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to chose a rolling blunt wrap over using traditional methods to make your rolls. Here are a few of the most notable benefits of tobacco wraps.

  • Much easier to use and they get rid of the hassle of having to cut open the cigar wrap and remove tobacco in order to use the filter to make your blunt.
  • Blunt hemp wraps are often more flavorful and lack the strong tobacco scent you will get when you purchase a cigar that has already been filled with tobacco.
  • Purchasing tobacco wraps are often cheaper than purchasing pre-rolled cigars wraps and you can often get more with the same amount of money you’d spend on cigars.

How to Roll a Hemp Wrap?

To start rolling it, make sure you have your tobacco wraps, filter, and ground dry herbs ready to go before you begin the process. Once you are ready, tightly roll one end of the hemp wrap and curve it so that there is a pocket where you can fill your herbs. Fill the surface area with your herbs and make sure that your herbs are distributed evenly to ensure an even burn.

Once your hemp wrap is filled, tuck the edges around your herb and roll it tightly. Then, seal the end and the edges with your saliva, which may take a while because of the material. Now, your blunt will be ready to go! All you have to do is light it and start smoking.

Which Wrap Burns the Slowest?

When comparing hemp blunt wraps versus traditional tobacco wraps, hemp tends to have a better reputation and burn longer than the cigar wrap. Hemp is also much better since they are organic and don’t contain caffeine or nicotine. When it comes to the slowest burning, there is a lot of competition and there is no way to tell which burns the slowest.

Why Do My Blunt Wraps Come with a Straw?

Keeping your wraps in the packaging without anything to protect it can break or rip. This is hard to gauge when the wrapper is not clear and transparent. The straws can also help you stuff your tobacco or herbs from either side when you finish rolling it.

Rolling Papers Vs. Hemp Wraps

For those of you who are already smoking enthusiasts, you know that there is a huge difference between hemp blunt wraps and rolling papers. Although they do share one similarity, which is typically being made from natural products that protect the user and provide them with a better experience, rolling papers are much thinner and give the user a joint experience while hemp wraps are thicker and give the user a blunt experience. If you want a short smoking session, go with rolling papers. If you want a longer smoking session, go with the hemp.

Blunts are great but the effort that goes into the rolling process and the flavors and smoke that is produced by cigar filters are often not. For times like these, you may want to turn to a hemp wrap in order to get a better blunt experience. Using this guide above, you will be armed with the information necessary to find the best hemp wraps for you and improve your blunt smoking sessions.

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