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Plastic & Acrylic Water Pipes

When you consider purchasing a new pipe, bong, or another smoking tool, you probably think you are going to be confined to the typical glass materials. Glass is sturdy and does maintain good flavor quality however they can sometimes be very expensive. This makes it harder for smokers on a budget to enjoy their herbs. Acrylic bongs are much more affordable and are easier to transport with.

What's an Acrylic Bong

An acrylic bong is a water pipe that is made entirely out of plastic or acrylic. They are known to be be the most durable type of smoking pipe that can withstand so much wear and tear. On top of that, they are super lightweight and even very easy to clean.

The term water pipe most often refers to a bong and many users will use the terms interchangeably to describe the same object. However, a water pipe could refer to other pipes that utilize water in order to cool down the smoke. This improves the smoking process by raising standards of quality and taste.

What’s Acrylic?

Acrylic is a type of material that is essentially plastic. Unlike other tie dye bongs and pipes, acrylic smoking tools are often more colorful like tie dye. They are also much more durable than glass. Although acrylic pieces will be made of mostly acrylic plastic, there may be additional glass or metal pieces to draw smoke from if the design will benefit from these additional parts.

Who Needs an Acrylic Water Pipe?

Plastic bong are perfect for those who need something that is cheaper and more sturdy than the traditional glass bong. In other words, if you're clumsy, get one. Although they are not known to be the same quality level as a glass, you are sure to get as much use as possible out of your cheap acrylic bong. You won’t have to spend as much money in order to acquire one. In addition, if you are an individual who is big on color and style, you are more likely to enjoy the bodies of an acrylic bong.

How to Choose an Plastic Bong

Although most acrylic bong will be similar in terms of quality, some of the qualities that you should be looking for when it comes to choosing a water pipe include overall price, design and color, the hardness and thickness of the casing, the type of stem and bowl that you water pipe utilizes, and other such characteristics that you would pay attention to when searching for a glass bong.

Plastic water pipes are perfect for those who want a cheaper glass bong alternative that is built to last. If you have been considering a cheap acrylic bong but aren’t sure where to start, use the brief guide above to figure out what you need to be looking for in your future bong!