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Mylar Bags


Most people invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars into gear designed to get the best possible setup. Little consideration is placed in regards to the type of bags used to store all that precious herb. Many out there simply just toss their bud into a basic resealable or Ziploc style baggie and call it a day. Some people even put it in a pop top bottle which is great. But what's the point of having the best smoking accessories when you're just using it to smoke or vape improperly stored bud? This is where Mylar bags come in.

What are Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags or baggies were developed as a one-stop solution for long-term storage for food. They're airtight, easily reusable, and durable to the point where each bag is virtually puncture proof. You won't have to worry about any type of pests eventually biting their way into the assortment of goodies you have stored inside. More importantly, not only do mylar food bags keep out oxygen, they're highly efficient at keeping out moisture as well.

Given all this information, it's completely logical to conclude that Mylar bags aren't perfect for just food, they're perfect for storing dry herbs as well. The airtight and moisture-free nature of these bags is the ideal solution for keeping herbs from drying out and developing mold at the same time. Aside from that, they also come in a wide variety of sizes that can easily accommodate your hobby, regardless of how little, or how much you smoke


  • 1 Gram
  • 1/8 oz.
  • 1/4 oz.
  • 1/2 oz.
  • 1 pound
  • Blunt size



Mylar bags are resealable however they are different from your everyday Ziploc baggie. Food bags use a totally different mechanism from Ziploc bags which make them completely superior when it comes to ensuring a complete and tamper-proof seal. We're all familiar with Ziplog bags and their clasping mechanism used to close the lid. The reality of it is that they're actually ok if you plan on keeping something for only a short period of time.

Mylar bags are actually designed to melt when exposed to high temperatures. This means that when used in tandem with a device such as a regular clothes iron, the opening of the bag melts together to form an airtight seal. Nothing is coming in or out of that bag after you seal it.


It's easy to think that since you're essentially melting the bag to form a seal, this makes the bag unusable after opening it up. Simply cut off the melted portion though and the Mylar bag is still good to go for another resealing.

Different Sizes

Mylar bags come in a wide variety of sizes, designed to accommodate pretty much any amount of herb you plan to store inside. Anything from a gram to a pound of herb can fit given you've got the right sized bag.

Smell Proof

Every mylar bag is airtight. Not only is air not going into the bag, nothing is coming out either. This includes any odors or smells that would make your otherwise discreet bag reek of that distinct smell of bud.

What are They made of

Mylar food bags are constructed out of a clear polyester resin which is then lined or laminated with a layer of aluminum foil. Oxygen absorbers are also used in tandem with Mylar bags. This is to ensure that whatever air is inside the bag at the time of sealing, gets absorbed and doesn't intermingle with the contents of the bag.

How to Use It?

Mylar bags despite requiring a bit more prep compared to Ziploc bags are still easy to use. All you need is a bag and some oxygen absorber packets. Once you have everything ready, simply fill the Mylar bag making sure that all debris or dirt settle towards the bottom of the bag. Make sure there's no herb or bud blocking the lid before forming the seal.

Once you've got all your dry herbs inside the Mylar bag, toss in an oxygen absorber for good measure. Next step is to close the top zip lining.

You can also lay the bag down on a flat surface close to an edge, you'll need to fold the top of the bag over the edge to form a good seal. Then you iron it down, making the seal permanent. Once you're done finalizing the seal with the iron, press on the bag to check if any air is able to escape the bag if you notice that air is leaking out, that means the seal needs to be redone in order to make the bag airtight.

Wholesale Mylar Bags

For smoke shops or those who use food bags can now buy wholesale smell proof bags at the lowest possible price. Food bags are perfect for dispensaries, caterers, chefs or much more. Whether you're putting dry herbs in there or food, you can be assured no one will smell what's inside.