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Mod Kit Vaporizers

Although e-cigarettes, vape pens, and vape mods are used to consume vape juices, mods are generally more powerful than e-cigarettes and vape pens. They come with many extra features which enhance vaping experience.

So what are the features and benefits of vape mods that make them superior to standard vape pens? Let’s find out.

What are Mod Vapes

Box mods are a vaping device just like vape pens but known to be larger and more powerful. They are a modified or modifiable vape. They usually take the shape of a box - that’s why they are generally called “Box Mods.”

Since mods are structurally big, one would expect them to come with advanced features such as long lasting batteries and adjustable temperatures.

The biggest selling point of mods lies in customization. Users can customize almost every aspect of their vape from interchanging atomizers, tanks, and batteries to adjusting wattage or voltage.


The following benefits of mods are the reasons why they have become so popular in the vaping community.

Longer Battery Life

Typically, the battery of your vaping device would determine how long you vape. The battery type and capacity differ among vaporizers. Box mods have become popular because of their quality batteries that can take you for a whole day. These vape can either have a removable battery or built in batteries,  however, it is advisable to buy a mod that comes with a removable battery.

Due to the extended battery life, mods seem to be a better option for people who are trying to quit the traditional method of smoking. Since the battery lasts long, you wouldn't have a hard time stopping. Your mod box is always ready to run whenever you have an urge to vape.

Adjustable and Controlled Vaping

Mods come with flexible heat settings that allow you to regulate the vaping temperature of your device. So unlike the traditional smoking approach, you don’t have to worry about your hits becoming too hot since you’re in full control. This will enhance your overall vaping experience.

Customize to your liking

Aside from being able to control the temperature at which you vape, you can also customize other features just how you like it. For a better experience, mods offer users the opportunity to use any detachable atomizer they like. If your atomizer is not giving you good vapors, flavor or holding enough liquid, you can quickly switch to a more powerful atomizer.

To further improve the flavor and quality of vapor, you can go ahead and attach a sub-ohm atomizer to the battery of your mode.


Here are the main features of Box Mod vaporizers.

Temperature Control

Vaporizers with Temperature Control (TC) feature are preferred by a large chunk of vapers when compared to fixed and variable wattage and voltage.
TC has become a standard requirement for standard box mods. This feature allows you to set a particular vaping temperature on your mod vaporizer. Those who have experienced dry hits in the past will appreciate this TC option. Dry hits are the worst kind of experience anyone could ever have - they are the bane of every vaper.

Although there are several reasons for having a dry hit, using a device without temperature control is a cause. This is because the temperature or wattage can become too high so the coil dries up your e-liquid quickly and you start inhaling gross, burnt tastes known as dry hits.

However, using a vaporizer that comes with temperature control settings can help prevent having dry hits. How? The vaporizer won’t allow your liquid to be heated above a particular temperature. Even if you take a hit after running out of juice, you won’t experience dry hit.

This feature also lets users experiment with different flavors at different temp. levels. Some flavors require low temps such as fruity flavors while others like tobacco and coffee are best vaped at higher temps. Having a vaporizer with temperature control will give you the opportunity to unlock new vaping temperatures and flavors.

Adjustable Wattage and Voltage

Mods offer users the ability to adjust the wattage and voltage of their device. This feature allows you to control how much vapor touches your throat whenever you take a hit as well as how the flavor tastes.

This might sound like it's not a big deal, but you must understand that how one vaper likes their hits is not always the same with how others like theirs. You might prefer to take in a slow and smaller amount of hits at a time with thick vapors while others like to inhale quick and bigger hits with fewer vapors. So with everyone having a preferred style, adjustable wattage and voltage is required for a customizable experience.

Tank Customization

Since the atomizers hold the liquid, this feature allows you to attach any type of atomizer you prefer. How much juice your device can hold and how much flavor you get from the vapor depends on the kind of atomizer you choose to use.

Sub-Ohm Vaping

Box mods supports “sub-ohm” vaping. For those who are unfamiliar with this concept, sub-ohm vaping simply means vaping on a unit that has atomizers coils with an electrical resistance that is less than 1 ohm. The main purpose of this is to produce thicker and flavorful vapors. If you're a fan of massive clouds or you just want to draw more flavor from your materials, you can attach a sub-ohm atomizer to your Mod for a perfect result.

How Mods Work

Box mods are easy to use, and they work like the regular vaporizers. They work with batteries and atomizers. The battery is what heats the coil, which is inside the atomizer attached to the mod.

It is the heated coil that creates the vapor which you inhale. The process and result, however, generally depends on the type of atomizer you have.