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Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814

Glass Jars

Anytime you walk in and see the dispensary supplies, you will see all the herbs right there. If you notice, they're all in glass jars. There's a reason why these jars or even mason lids are used for this. They can be shatter resistant because of their thickness and even be very air tight. When closed, they can be smell proof too.

Dispensary Glass Jars

Glass jars are frequently used for many different materials. From concentrates, liquids to herbs, you can guarantee glass jars will safely store your materials. Glass jars are also transparent which makes it easier for people to see the inside content without needing to open it.

Using a special proprietary mold, we specifically used the correct molds to make sure everything fits. Whether you want to put a candle in it or your favorite spices and herbs, it works perfect.

Three Sizes:

  • A Cup (2 oz. x 2in. x 3in.)
  • B Cup (6oz. x 3in. x 4in.)
  • C Cup (12oz. x 3.5in. x 4.5in.)

Benefits of Glass

There are more benefits to using a glass jar than any other type. 

No Toxins

Glass is the best material to use when you don't want to run into any toxins. Other materials like plastic can possibly contain contaminants. 

Transparency to See Inside

Patients in dispensaries always want to see the herbs at the store. Being able to showcase it without having to open the lid can help. Keeping it closed won't require airing out the container.

Air Tight

Glass jars do a very well job of keeping air outside of the jar. Always keep the lid closed. Being able to keep your herbs fresh longer is very ideal.

Smell Proof

When you close your jar, there will be a cease of smell. Whatever is in your herbal storage container, it will stop the smell from leaking out.