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One minute, you are puffing clouds and having a great vaping experience, and then all of a sudden, you can’t feel the magic anymore. Each hit you take burns your throat and taste terrible. You take another look at your vape, and you just feel like throwing it away. What happened? A burnt coil! Many vapers have had this terrible experience and it can make them choke on the vapor. A burnt hit is one of the worst vaping experience, it can ruin your day but why does this happen?

What Are Vape Coils?

Vape coils are the part of your vaping device that vaporizes your e-liquid. They literally heat up to create vapor out of the e-liquid. Vape coils are commonly need replacements unless you have a disposable e-Cig.

Why Do You Need To Replace Your Coils?

How long your vape coil will last depends on your vaping habit, your e-juice, and the mode of use. However, no matter how hard you try to maintain it, the undeniable truth is that your coils are not designed to last forever. This has nothing to do with the number of hours you invest in its maintenance. Someday, you’ll have to get rid of it and replace it with a new one.

Here are some signs you should watch out for before replacing your coils:

  • Unpleasant burnt taste
  • Poor vapor production
  • Gurgling sound during a vaping session
  • Leaking e-cigarette

How Long Does A Coil Last?

If you use your vape coil regularly, you might need to replace it every other week. But if you don’t use it for an extended period, you can wait till after a couple of month before replacing it. However, your coil should be able to last about a month on average use. Those who maintain their vape coil regularly should expect it to last a bit longer.

Why Do My Coils Burn?

Your coil may taste burnt because the wick inside the atomizer has dried up and got burnt in the process. The wick or cotton is an essential part of the atomizer as it soaks up the e-liquid from the tank. When the coil heats up, the wick holds unto the e-liquid before it is transformed into vapor. Make sure your tank is adequately filled and doesn’t run dry completely.

What Is A Dry Hit?

A dry hit occurs when there is an insufficient e-juice absorption during a vaping session. The wick in the vaporizer needs to be moist for vaporization to occur. In the absence of these, the wick becomes scorched, and this gives you a burnt taste when you vape.

Everyone hates a dry hit like a plague. If you have been vaping for a long time, you might have experienced a dry hit a couple of times. It can be a frustrating experience as it might make you abandon your vaping device.