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Much like you need the right temperature in order to avoid combustion of the materials you have inside of your vaporizer, the same principle applies to smoking from a hookah. In order to maintain this constant heat that doesn’t directly burn the tobacco and cause combustion, you need a special heat source that will allow for indirect heat application. This is where hookah charcoal comes in.

What Are Hookah Charcoals?

Hookah coals are charcoals that are specifically used to heat up the tobacco contained in a hookah pipe bowl, which is also known as shisha. These coals will keep the temperature steady. It will also be hot enough to release the natural ingredients of the hookah tobacco. They will also provide additionally flavoring if you vary your choices.


There are several benefits to using natural charcoal with your hookah pipe. Here are some of the most notable advantages.

  • They will last for the duration of your session and won’t go out easily while you are smoking.
  • You can often get quite a bit of charcoal for a relatively cheap price.
  • You can choose from a variety of different sizes that meet your individual needs and preferences.

These are just some of the benefits of hookah charcoal in general. Depending on the type that you purchase from a certain manufacturer, you may have additional benefits.

Different Types of Hookah Coals

As we stated above, there are going to be a variety of different hookah coals to choose from. Here are some of the main categories currently sold on the market.


Natural is perfect for those who are looking for long-lasting, affordable coals. These types of charcoals tend to have less chemicals in them. It makes them ideal for long smoking sessions without having to experience severe side-effects. The only downside of this type of charcoal is that it is often harder to light.


Those who use coconut charcoals experience the same kind of hookah session that those using natural will. However, it has the added factor being that coconut charcoals are even more natural. That being said, these are said to not burn as evenly as other coals. They may need to be lit more times in order to maintain an even burn.

Instant Light

Instant light charcoals are for those who want to dive right into their session. They usually come in small rings, are user-friendly, and are perfect for shorter sessions or those who are on the go. However, these charcoals don’t provide as much heat. They don't burn for as long as normal coals and can sometimes be filled with chemicals that make them undesirable to smoke.