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PeliNail 1120 by Disorderly Conduction

SKU PELI-1120-Blue


  • 16mm DC Coil Kevlar Heater
  • Precise Temperature Control for Consistent Flavors
  • LED Display
  • AC Power Plug
  • Watertight and Dust Proof Case
  • American Made

1120 PeliNail E-Nail Kit by Disorderly Conduction

The PeliNail 1120 e-Nail is an electronic wax nail that heats up the nail to a very precise temperature. The temperature range is very wide and the kit is preset to 550ºF. The e-Nail is built straight into a lightweight Pelican case which makes it easy to be portable with. It is an added convenience. It is a very hard rugged case to keep your inner belongings safe.

No more using a butane torch and having to worry about overheating it or breaking nails. Simply choose your ceramic, titanium or quartz nail to dab with. This not only saves you time and money but it gives you consistent flavorful hits. 


Using the PeliNail 1120 e-Nail is very easy. Follow the instructions to get your perfect vapor.

  1. Turn the switch on the back to ON. The coil will start heating up immediately.
  2. Press the up and down buttons to change the temperature.
  3. Wait about 5 seconds for the display to stop blinking. The unit will adjust to the correct temperature.