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Acrylic Magnetic 2 Part 2.5" Grinder



For grinding and shredding Dry Herb
Acrylic Construction
Diameter: 2.5in
Height: 1in

Acrylic Magnetic 2 Part 2.5" Grinder

It doesn’t have to be a hassle to get the most out of your dry herbs. With Smoke Tokes, you can maximize herb potency for the best smoking experience! Our acrylic 2.5 inch grinders are straightforward two-part accessories that provide smooth grinding experience you are sure to love.

Have a More Flavorful Experience

You can’t go wrong with a 2.5 inch grinder from Smoke Tokes! The bigger size means you can sift more herb than other grinders. These pieces also feature magnetic centerpiece for a firm seal. So there is no mess, and no exposure to oxygen that reduces herb potency. They are the ultimate way for the most flavorful herbs!