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Premium Travel Kit

Premium Travel Kit Angled Torch 3" Glass Pipe 3" Metal Pipe 2" Sneak-a-Toke 5x Brass Screens 2x Cleaning Tools *CERTAIN COLORS MIGHT NOT BE AVAIL...

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We have everything you need to light up in style, from the best selection of affordable torch lighters to butane torches and accessories. If you’re stocking up for your own store, we even have lighter and torch displays that let you merchandise professionally.

The Best Torch Lighters

We feature affordable torch lighters at wholesale prices but we don’t skimp on quality. Shop top-quality mini butane torches, accessories, and butane refills.

Butane is the choice fuel for smokers and anyone using dab rigs since torches burn clean. Butane also burns at a lower temperature than propane and produces lower amounts of carbon dioxide. Anyone smoking or dabbing with these should be careful while using mini butane torches, and they should only be burned in a well-ventilated space.

Lighter Displays

For anyone buying in bulk for their own shop, we feature some great torch and lighter displays that keep your products organized. Shop branded displays from BIC and Clipper. You can even get torch displays from Scorch Torch.

Great Torches at Great Prices

We offer the best in affordable torch lighters. Backed by our quick, reliable shipping and wholesale prices, you can light up in style without breaking the bank.

Find your new favorite butane torches, refills, displays, and more at Smoke Tokes.