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If you’re a smoking enthusiasts and joints are one of your go-to smoking mediums, you have most likely heard about RAW papers. This brand has made a name for itself in the smoking industry and it’s almost impossible to smoke without hearing about them while shopping for papers or smoking with your friends. If you want to learn more about what RAW is and what products they offer, continue reading the article provided below.

Benefits of Raw Products

RAW Brand provides some of the cleanest materials for smoking herbs. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using RAW rolling papers and products over other smoking materials.

Organic Paper

RAW papers and other products are created from all-natural hemp plant fibers. No other materials are used in the production of these products, making them completely organic and a lot cleaner to burn than other products that are currently on the market.


RAW does not bleach its papers like most others manufacturers. Bleaching is a process that helps certain rolling papers last longer when they are smoked and to give them a lighter color. However, bleaching chemicals such as chlorine or calcium carbonate are harmful to your health when they are burned along with your joint paper. These products are natural and do not contain any harmful bleaching additives.

Most Recognized

RAW Brand has an immense following and is backed by big-name celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa. With such a backing, you can trust that it follows through on the guarantees that it makes about its products and the overall quality of RAW papers.

How Are They Made?

Although the process for making RAW rolling trays products cannot be found on the internet, the company itself does state that the products are made out of a hybrid blend of unbleached hemp fibers. They are purer than other rolling papers because they go through less processing and the entire process is finalized by placing the CrissCross watermark on the papers, which helps to prevent runs and make the paper burn evenly during the smoking process.

Raw Rolling Papers

RAW rolling papers are the main product of RAW. These all-natural papers come in three different forms by the company: the classic raw papers, the organic hemp raw rolling papers, and black papers. Each of the papers are designed to provide users with various smoking experiences and to help them achieve a variety of different rolling uses.

Raw Pre-Rolled Cones

Much like RAW’s rolling papers, the natural pre-rolled cones offered by the company come in three different forms as well: the classic pre-rolled cones, the organic pre-rolled cones, and the Wiz Khalifa cones. These pre-rolled cone papers give users the ability to load their herbs into the product without having to worry about doing the rolling all by themselves. In addition, the Wiz Khalifa cones feature his brand and generally come in much larger sizes to honor the rapper’s smoking abilities.


Joint tips are essentially mouthpieces that serve to protect you from the heat of your joint, keep any herbs from getting into your mouth as you smoke, and keep the joint airway open so that it doesn’t collapse during your smoking session. RAW features an impressive selection of these joint tips, which are made from natural yet thicker papers.

Rolling Machines

For those who have trouble rolling joints by hand, RAW Brand offers rolling machines that assist with the process. Much like their other products, the rolling machines are made with German Hemp Plastic and manufactured using an eco-friendly cold-injection process. In addition, the rolling aprons utilize double thick vinyl and feature a high tensile strength so that the product lasts much longer than other rolling machines. These rollers are offered in each of the different paper sizes that you can see in RAW products.

Can you Smoke the Warning Paper in RAW

Coming across the warning paper in the RAW rolling paper package is definitely not good to smoke. Many people always ask if you can smoke the warning paper but it's not recommended. Not only can you not roll it correctly but it won't even burn well. The smoke will be too harsh.


Overall, RAW is one of the most well-known, all-natural rolling paper companies involved in the smoking industry. With products that are designed with health and quality in mind, it is easy to see why the company has managed to launch itself into the hearts of herbal enthusiasts. If you’ve been looking into RAW for some of your smoking needs, hopefully, this short guide has given you more information about what the company does and some of the products that they offer. For those who are concerned about the health consequences of smoking, RAW is definitely one of the companies to go to address those concerns and make your smoke sessions healthier!