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Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814
Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814

Raw Cones

If you like smoking pre-rolled cones, there is no doubt that you will love RAW Cones. They come in all sizes and materials from classic to hemp. RAW pre-rolled cones are the best in the industry. They are really well-known and that is a really good reason for that.

What are RAW Cones

RAW cones are perfectly pre-rolled papers in the shapes of a cone that is wide at the end and gets more narrow as you smoke it. This is perfect because it keeps the burn rate the same. When you first light it up, there is more to smoke and as you smoke, the resin fill forms down the joint which helps it burn slower. 

RAW paper cones are created for the person who smokes a lot and wants to keep things simple. With these cones, you don't have to worry about constantly grinding, filling up your paper and rolling it. Rolling your paper is a whole different story.

Raw Cone Sizes

There are many different raw paper cone sizes. Some are small and perfect for 1-2 people to smoke and there is much bigger sizes that is perfect for parties.


  • 1¼" (84mm)
  • King Size (110mm)
  • Lean (110mm)
  • 98 Special (98mm)
  • Peacemaker: 140mm
  • Emperador: 180mm
  • Supernatural: 280mm
  • Challenge: 600mm

Organic Hemp:

  • 1¼" (84mm)
  • King Size (110mm)

How to Roll a Raw Cone

The easiest part about raw pre-rolled cones is that there is no rolling necessary. This already brings more people into the pool and gets more people interested in smoking joints than pipes. You can learn to roll a regular rolling paper into a cone but it is much harder than just smoking regular papers. Many pre-rolled papers are available to simply fill it up with ground up herbs.

RAW Cones Wholesale

If you are looking to purchase wholesale RAW paper cones, Smoke Tokes has you covered. We are one of the biggest wholesale and distributors for all RAW accessories from papers, cones, rolling trays, apparels and much more.