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Puff Plus

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Puff Plus Disposable Vape Flavors Wholesale Price-

With so many disposable vape pens, you probably wonder which is the best? Luckily for you, the Puff Plus just came out and it's one of the best disposable vape pen in the market. Each flavor hits like the actual fruit flavor. It's almost like taking a bite into it. Some are mixed with menthol.

Best Puff Plus Vape Flavors For Sale Near Me

Puff Plus Flavors is the newest form of the Puff Bar. What was once a 1.3mL liquid and a 280mAh battery is now upgraded. It has grown to 550mAh with 800 puffs and 3.2mL of nicotine salt. These new designs have a much better and futuristic look. No more rectangular shapes. They are all now cylindrical. This allows for a bigger battery and juice capacity. They all still have 50mg (5%) in salt nicotine strength. you can purchase online any kinds of Puff Plus Flavors with very nominal price.

The Puff Plus Flavors Vape Bar comes pre-charged which makes it ready to start puffing as soon as you rip it out as the package! It is also pre-filled which makes it clean and no need for messy re-fills. There will no maintenance needed for these disposable devices. There is also no need to press any buttons. This is a draw activated firing which means it will start producing vapor by just drawing in air. 

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Difference Between Puff Bar Vape and Puff Plus Vape Flavors?

The first version of Puffs disposable devices was the Puff Bar. With the Puff Plus Flavors taking over, there is mainly only one thing in common and that is the nicotine strength. They both contain 50mg (5%) of nicotine salt.

There are more differences than similarities between the two. The first thing you will notice is the shape. It went from a rectangular shape to a longer cylinder. The mouthpiece is shaped different too. You will also notice that it's longer and this is because the battery is bigger. You get almost 500 more puffs with the Puff Bar Plus. Since the battery gets bigger, this requires the salt nicotine to get bigger too. It holds 3.2mL of liquid which lets you vape longer.

Puff Plus Vape Flavors Wholesale Shop

The Puff Plus Flavors has great wholesale prices. Whether you're a smoke shop, wholesaler, distributor, or even just an individual looking to stock up, Smoke Tokes offers the best prices or wholesale price of Puff Plus Vape. Get any single or display box at the lowest price. 

Puff Plus wholesale prices will give you the extra advantage that will help you make that extra margin.