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Kraft Pharmacy Paper Bags Medium - Smoketokes

Kraft Pharmacy Paper Bags Medium

Kraft Pharmacy Paper Bags Medium 1,000 Bags per Pack Size: 5” x 2” x 10"

Kraft Pharmacy Paper Bags Small - Smoketokes
Sold out

Kraft Pharmacy Paper Bags Small

Kraft Pharmacy Paper Bags Small 1,000 Bags per Pack Size: 3.5” x 1.5” x 10"

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Kraft Pharmacy Paper Bags Large - Smoketokes

Kraft Pharmacy Paper Bags Large

Kraft Pharmacy Paper Bags Large 1,000 Bags per Pack Size: 7” x 2” x 10"


Dispensaries have to go through very strict requirements. From the way they can talk about their products to the way they package it for you to exit the store.  From the jars needed to hold the herbs to the bags needed to put the herbs in for you to walk out with, everything has to be strict state compliant. This is why wholesale dispensary supplies are only sold by a limited amount of companies.

Of course, you need good products to have your business going on but ancillary products or supplies help like packaging, compliant labels, bags and more.

The industry that dispensaries operate in are so strict, advertising has different laws to go by. Every platform has it's own set of rules from Facebook to Google. Most of these products don't vary whether it's for medicinal or recreational.

What are Dispensary Supplies

Dispensary supplies can mean a lot of things because it's very broad. However, it all relates to medical dispensary products that are needed to put your herbs in, labels for your bags, pop tops for your dry herbs, doob tubes for joints, herbal mason jars, scales to weigh it out and much more. There are also packaging and jars for concentrates made from glass, acrylic or silicone.

The best way to increase profits of your business is by having high quality accessories at the lowest price. Smoke Tokes knows this and has the best for less. Dispensaries tend to see hundreds of customers a day which means they need a variety of products.

Some patients prefer to smoke from a pipe while others enjoy their vaporizers. Buying wholesale dispensary supplies gives you the opportunity to get all the products you need at the lowest price.

420 Packaging

420 packaging helps you get your product into the right state compliance packaging. Whether your dispensary needs packages like jars, vials or pop tops, it can be done! Our silicones are BPA-Free and our plastic caps are FDA medical grade polypropylene.

Different Dispensary Supplies

Bags & Packaging

Bags are also called exit bags because you get these before you exit the store.Depending on the state, it is a mandatory compliance for patients to walk out with a bag. The bag must be child proof to keep children from opening it.


Labels are often very specific to the state. There are generic labels and then there are MMJ compliant labels. These labels are usually marked by the strains name and the type of strain along with the net weight of the herbs.

Pop Tops and Reversible Vials

Pop tops and reversible vials are plastic containers so you can store  your herbs in there. Depending on which you get, they can be child proof and smell proof.

Doob Tubes and J-Tubes

Doob tubes and J tubes are small plastic containers that are used for pro-roll papers. Since they're so flimsy, you want to put them into something that is going to help keep it straight and not break. 

Herbal Jars

Herbal jars or glass herb jars come in different forms. Some are mason jars while others are glass jars. Just like our recreational dispensary glass jars, they can also come in different sizes.

Herb Scales

Scales to weigh your dry herbs are very important. Each customer is going to get their herbs weighed for accurate measurement. 


Smoking Supplies Wholesale

Not only do we sell medical dispensary products but Smoke Tokes is one of the biggest wholesale and distributors for smoking accessories too. We carry glass bongs, silicone dab rigs, different hand pipes, vaporizers, paper cones, and much more.

Water Pipes

One of the most used smoking pipes are bongs or also called water pipes. They require water to filter the smoke and cool it down. They can get costly because of the materials and size of the water pipe. We offer the best wholesale prices on it

Hand Pipes

The most used type of smoking device is a hand pipe. They are small, discreet, and quick to use. Simply pack your herbs in a bowl and put your lighter to it.

Papers and Wraps

Dispensaries carry a wide variety of paper rolls and wraps. The most common are paper cones because they are used for pre-rolls. Pre-rolls are one of the most carried products because they are generally sold real well. They are also passed out as a free gift.


Many patients visiting a medical or recreational dispensary are going to have an illness or disease which prevents them from smoking. This can be causing them irritations in their throats or lungs. Vaporizers are the best alternative to smoking.


Dispensary Packaging Supplies

  • Mylar Bags
  • Prescription and Exit Bags
  • Pop Top Vials
  • Doob Tube/J-Tube
  • Glass Jar
  • Non Stick Silicone Concentrate Containers
  • MMJ Compliant Labels
  • Syringes
  • Cartridges
  • 420 Packaging