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Colibri Butane

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Colibri Butane is one of the most premium butane gases since 1928. It is known to be one of the cleanest butanes to use on high performance flame lighters. It is processed in world-class refineries and canned in a clean environment. This helps it reach less than 6 parts per million. It does not require filtering over and over to remove contaminants. This can hinder the performance of your lighter and possibly change the flavor for the worst.

Colibri has managed to clean the contaminants and get it to down for 99.9994% level of purity. It's so clean, you can use your Colibri butane in lighters without worrying about clogging the burner valves. You can use these butane gas to make sure you reduce malfunctions and misfires on your lighters. Colibri Butane canisters come in 300mL (10.1 fl. oz., 162g) size.