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Best Glass Bowls for Water Pipes and Rigs Wholesale Price For Sale

What is a Glass Bowl?

A Glass Bowl is to be used with a water pipe and is designed with a hole in the bottom of the bowl. Glass Bowls for Water Pipes & Dab Rigs. You can easily put a glass bowl on to a dab rig and convert it to herb water pipe.

How do you smoke out of a bowl?

The bowl is a removable attachment that is used to hold your dry herbs, act as the heating chamber when you begin combusting your herbs, and function as a carb when it is pulled out during the smoking process. 

Glass Bowls are made in what Sizes?

Bowls come in a variety of different sizes (10mm, 14mm, and 18mm) and can be either male or female.

Different Materials for Bowls

The majority of these bowls are glass. However, they do come in other materials like silicone and include a glass bowl inside. Here are some of the most common materials that you will find them made out of.

  • Glass:

Most bowls are made of glass and are very easy to clean, ensuring that your smoke remains untainted when you inhale it. The cool thing about glass bowl is they are all very unique to each other and are all hand blown. The designs on each bowl vary and can be colorful with wig wag effect design or solid color with some design effects. 

  • Silicone Bowls

The issue with glass bowls is that they can easily break and these silicone bowls that wont break. 

Bowl Shapes: 

Glass bowls come in a variety of shapes and designs. Some are blown into shapes likes circles, square cubes, Cone shaped, cylinders and abstract shapes. Some of these can be made in Glass or Silicone bowls.

Character Bowls:

There is a variety of cool looking bowl that have characters on them like a frog head bowl, pirate head bowl, skull bowl, diamond bowl, Demon Head bowl, Eye Ball Bowl and more designs.

Wholesale Bowls for Water Pipe Bongs

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Glass Bowls for Water bongs are amazing tools that provide a smoother, and cooler smoking experience. If you aren't purchasing wholesale than you can find a glass bowl at any local smoke shop, vape shop or dispensary.