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Apply for a wholesale account to view pricing today! Text/Whatsapp@ 1-213-377-7814

Blazer Torches


What is a Blazer Torch?

The brand Blazer manufactures Butane refillable torches, lighters and Micro Torches. Blazer torches offer a wide selection of styles and different color torches that have become very popular in the dabbing community. When it comes to a long lasting quality product you can say Blazer Torch is it! You can't go wrong with these well designed and manufactured torches. You can purchase your favorite color torch to match your dab rig or add some color to your smoking session.

Popular Blazer Torch styles?

Where can I buy a Blazer Torch? 

Most Smoke Shops sell a variety of these Blazer Torches with a selection of different colors for some styles.

If your local smoke shop doesn't have any Blazer Torches available in there selection of torches, be sure to inform them that they should carry Blazer brand torches.

What Blazer Torch is the Best?

The most popular and Best Blazer torch is the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Torch being loved by the dabbing community, Chefs and hobbyists because of its adjustable flame, piezoelectric ignition system butane torch and more. It's also made in Japan for its quality and durability allowing for a long lasting torch. This is the definitely the most popular dabbing torch of 2022. Most people say this torch will last them year and that is the most easy torch to use that can be used with one hand. Popular torch to dab oil concentrate.

Where to buy Blazer Torches Wholesale?

Smoke Tokes is the the leading Blazer Torch wholesale distributor in Los Angeles, CA. We carry a few of the best Blazer torches to hit the market!

Where to buy attachments  for a Blazer Torch?

Dabber box is one company that designed custom 3d printed timer attachments that can be found here. 

Dabber Box Blazer Big Shot Dabstation with Timer

Dabber Box Blazer Big Shot Stand with Timer 2.0

When to use a Blazer Torch?

Dabbing, DIY Project, Bending Glass, Plastic or Metal Tubing, Wood Graining, Removing Old Paint, Nuts and Bolts, Wire Soldering, Silver Soldering, Enameling, Soft Window Putty, Thawing Frozen Locks, Sweating and Thawing Light Pipe, Processing of Glass and Ceramic Materials, Creme Brulee and much more.

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