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How to be Careful with Smoking Pipes: Don't Break Them

How to be Careful with Smoking Pipes: Don't Break Them

Every smoker needs a pipe, whether it's a small hand pipe or a water pipe, who doesn't like them? It's a smokers favorite item usually. After using it for quite some time, you tend to have some sort of bong with your glass pipe. After many months and possibly years with the same bong, you slowly start seeing it drop from a table or someones hand and you hear it break! You look down and your bubbler is completely shattered.

One of the reasons why some people have shied away from glass pipes is due to how durable and reliable they can be. Glass is known to break really easily, especially when it has intricate designs. 

To avoid breaking any glass pipes, here are somethings to follow to make sure you're not a victim. 

broken bowl bong


Have a Carry Bag

Having a soft carry pouch bag is very ideal. You can put many different pipes in their including your herbs. It's pretty much an all in one bag for a smoker.

Clean it Regularly

Making sure you're cleaning your glass pipe often is very important. Dirt can pile up but the resin is the worst. It tends to stick to the sides of the bongs base where the water is. It will keep adding up and eventually have your herbs tasting funky.

However, this can bring trouble if you're clumsy. If it slips out of your hand, it can break. 


Don't Have Extreme Temperature Changes

Extreme temperature changes has the ability to completely warm  your pipe just like they can with most things. Heat expands and the cold contracts to become smaller. Both of these being done really quickly can shatter  your glass pipe with ease. Even after using it, don't immediately put it in the freezer.

Dump the Water Out After Each Session

Although you may not live in extreme temperatures, it's best to remove the water from your water pipe after using it. Water easily changes temperature and if it's too cold it can freeze up or if it's too hot, it will expand the pipe.

 don't dump bong water in restroom sink

Transporting Your Bong

Always be careful when you're moving your bong from one place to another. Many pipes have been broken in midst of transporting and that's one of the worst ways to break it. Especially if no one has smoked yet.

Be Mindful of Your Glass

Glass is a material that is very easy to break. With that said, not all glass will break by just dropping your bong. Some are very resistant and can bounce a few times before shwoing any cracks. There are different types of glass for smoking pipes. There is regular double sided glass and there are quartz pipes.

Quartz is generally very good because it can withstand a lot of pressure. it also doesn't change much in different temperatures. Double sided glass is very strong because it's thick.

Scientific glass or borosilicate glass, also known as China glass are extremely brittle. They work well in covered areas with a lot of heat or smoke passing through like in a dry herb vaporizer, borosilicate glass comes in handy. 

Be Aware of Your Material

Before you choose your next smoking pipe, keep in mind how you're going to use it. If you usually smoke at home and will not be taking it with you to your friend house, you'll be fine buying glass or quartz. Ceramic is definitely the material to be keeping it at home at all time. If ceramic breaks, it's really hard to repair.

If you are going to be out and about, use silicone pipes. They are the best to take around because they are unbreakable. They will literally not break. Matter of fact, you can even fold it and fit it into small luggage for your travels or a small stash spot if you're trying to smoke in discreet.

Broken Bong Repaired

Be Careful When You Clean

Cleaning a smoking pipe should be done frequently but at the same time, it should be very carefully. Cleaning makes smoking so much more efficient by clearing out all the pathways to where the air flows. Always use the correct method for cleaning it. You don't want to just fill it up with hot water and start poking inside of it with a sharp poker. This can cause creases and easy breakage.

How to Clean

The best way to clean your smoking pipes is to use a pipe cleaner formula. It is the best and easiest method. Instead of creating a mixture of different items, formula cleaners come ready to go. Simply close all open ends with a rubber cap or your hand and pour it in. Shake it up and dump the liquid out. Rinse it out with hot water before you continue to smoke from it. 

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