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Electronic Cigarettes: The Ultimate Guide to e-Cigs

Electronic Cigarettes: The Ultimate Guide to e-Cigs

An electronic cigarette vaporizer (also called electronic vaporizer, vaporizer pen, eCig or eCigar) is an electronic system designed as an inhaler source to simulate and replace cigarette consumption. These devices use a resistor and small battery to heat and vaporize a liquid solution. This vapor can release nicotine or only include delicious flavors. 

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette design can imitate cigarettes, cigars or pipes. They usually have a completely different look that does not remind you of a cigarette.

Cig-a-likes are similar to regular cigarettes but they usually come with a red tip. Vaporizer pens are battery operated and are designed to simulate the sensation smoking. The device heats the e-Liquid which becomes vapor which the smoker inhales.

If you’re not that familiar with e-Cigs (which is short for electronic cigarettes) but considering one, you might want to look into purchasing an e-Cig Starter Kit. Nearly every starter kit will come with the necessary hardware to start vaping. Don’t let words like clearomizer scare you. It’s just a fancy word for the tube in which you pour the E-Liquid. You’ll also hear words like cartomizer and atomizer. An atomizer is the heating element responsible for turning the liquid into vapor to be inhaled and cartomizers are disposable cartridges which gives the user a new atomizer each time. Don’t let the terminology frighten you as most of it is rather simple to understand once you decide if vaping is actually for you.

One of the major reasons to consider switching to e-Cigs from cigarettes is because they’re a great way to wean yourself off of nicotine if you’re trying to quit. They’re not nearly as bad for the people around you, and they’re generally cleaner. E-Liquids have varying levels of nicotine in them so if you’re attempting to quit smoking cigarettes, you can gradually lower your nicotine doses. 

At first, e-Cigs seem overly complicated but within no time, people familiarize themselves with their functions. It’s important to know that all electronic cigarettes are composed of three basic parts no matter which particular brand you have. There is the battery, the atomizer or clearomizer, and the E-Liquid in Electronic Cigarettes

Design of the Electronic Cigarette Vaporizers

The device takes the form of a pen, slightly longer than a normal cigarette. There is more voluminous format, equivalent to cigars and pipes that have with more autonomy.

When the user inhales through the device, in some models, the air flow is detected by a sensor. A microprocessor then activates a nebulizer (popularized by the industry as an atomizer), which injects tiny droplets of the liquid into the flowing air. This also activates an orange or blue LED at the tip of the device to better simulate the real act of smoking. Unlike the traditional cigarette, there is no combustion. This causes health effects are much less important as already emphasized by many health professionals, pulmonologists and tobacco experts.

Vapes either have a replaceable battery or a built-in battery that is pre-loaded. You can charge the batteries of e-cigs through USB chargers from wall outlets or computers. Vapor pass through allows connecting a single device to a USB port regardless of the battery; as with cartridges innovation is permanent in this field. There are also disposable ecigs and come "pre-assembled" and ready for use. These are not rechargeable and as the name imply, to terminate after your use discarded. They are usually equivalent to two packs, which is about 40 regular tobacco cigarettes.

Batteries on Electronic Cigarettes

The batteries used in nearly all E-Cigs are lithium-ion batteries. They are similar to the ones used in almost all mobile devices but in a different form. This means that more often than not, the batteries in electronic cigarettes are going to be rechargeable. Some batteries are going to have longer lives than others. The battery in an electronic cigarette is often one of the most researched components when someone is trying to decide what E-Cig to purchase. The battery supplies power to the atomizer.

Generally, vaporizer pens use a rechargeable battery as a power source. The battery life varies between different devices. Some last a day between charges while others last up to a a few days. Battery life capacity is in mAh and how often you use it. Normally, the users experience is that the duration of the batteries charged from 2 to 5 hours in most conventional models. 

There are two types of batteries, automatic, in which breathing is detected which is its great advantage gaining great comfort of use, but proving easier to be damaged. If you use e-liquid or water to it, it is likely damage will eventually occur. The detector is sometimes irreparable which makes the vaporizer unusable; and manuals, you must press a little button to inhale which is not as convenient but a matter of getting used soon, and its great advantage is that they are shielded making them absolutely safe against fluid ingress unlike when they first came out.

Atomizers on Electronic Cigarettes

The atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that contains a heating element which heats the liquid in order to convert it into vapor. The atomizer is activated whenever the user pushes the button on the E-Cig. This button usually not only activates the heating element but also the electronic cigarette’s pump so when it is pushed so it pumps the E-Liquid through the heating element creating the vapor to be inhaled.

The e-Liquid is stored before it is pumped through the atomizer and converted into vapor. It is commonly connected to the atomizer and sometimes contains an absorbent material often referred to as filler. The cartridge is also the part of the electronic cigarette where the mouthpiece is located. Sometimes, an atomizer and cartridge are combined into a cheap, disposable single unit called a clearomizer.

Benefits of e-Cigs

The benefits of using vaporizer pens are considered a giant benefit. Currently they are used as an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking or as replacement therapy for smoking cessation. This helps you gradually lower nicotine levels. It often times helps you continue to "smoke| in places where it is prohibited.

We are going in a day in age where health benefit awareness are at a maximum. With the fitness craze at the highest point and diets like gluten free are all over, it’s a no brainer as to why many people are looking to quit cigarettes. The hardest part is quitting itself, especially when a lot of smokers have been smoking for a very long time. Since the liquids or the ecigs are not FDA approved, not many studies have been done or they cannot be deemed useful.

It’s a booming business and everybody is trying to get on the bandwagon. Some bars and other similar establishments that don’t normally allow smoking are even allowing e-Cigs on premises so that just means that not only are e-Cigs socially acceptable but that they’re more socially acceptable than cigarettes.

No Smell

There are still many people that don’t smoke. The taste itself is horrible but the smell is something that everyone smells and do not like. It's a really strong scent that burns some peoples nose. it often even makes them cough when they are not the ones smoking. E-Cigarettes for liquid nicotine can smell like the flavor they are producing. These smells are either fruity or sweet generally. 

Improved smell and taste

Cigarettes are known to kill taste buds and the sensors in your nose. Smell is one of the most undervalued sense. With a great sense of smell, you can save yourself from deadly situations like gas leaks or fires. Even trying to eat something with your nose closed, you won’t be able to taste it.

Save money

A pack of cigarettes on average in America costs about $10.50. That comes out to $3,830.00 every year considering you smoke a pack a day. An electronic cigarette device that’s not disposable can start at $15. A flavored liquid at $6.99 can roughly cost $335.52 if you use one 15mL a week. Together it comes out to roughly $350.52.

Safety of e-Cigs

It is always best to know the safety of something like the safety of vapes. Nicotine is considered a poisonous toxin that should be avoided in strong doses. While many studies have been conducted on the safety of electronic cigarettes and e-Liquids concluding that they are ninety-nine percent safer than normal cigarettes, they are still considered unfit and unlawful for anyone under the age of eighteen. Electronic cigarettes are also, in no way considered a medical device similar to nicotine patches.

There have been concerns recently about young people using electronic cigarettes and portable vaporizers. Many consumer groups have pointed towards the candy flavored E-Liquids as being targeted towards a younger demographic. However, many companies claim that these flavors are purely for adults and in no way intended to lure children into vaping any more than raspberry beer. However, parents should take the same precautions with their children and electronic cigarettes that they show with traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is becoming more and more popular everyday which means that young people are being exposed to it more frequently. While vaping is considered safer, the official statement on vaping and health is still up in the air. Nicotine itself can be very dangerous. Vape batteries have also been exploding but most of that is due to human error. If you take the time to teach yourself on the dangers and learn to avoid it, it will help you a lot.

One of the most important things a parent can do when teaching their children to avoid vaping is to talk to them. It’s a tried and true method that has a tendency to yield the best results. Simply talking to children about the health risks involved in smokes and possibly with vaping will help children. This helps them understand why it’s a habit to avoid if they want to live a healthy life or participate in healthy activities. Vaping might not be as bad as traditional cigarettes, but with all the chemicals involved, it’s definitely not the healthiest of habits either.

Another thing responsible parents should do is lock up their own vaping products. E-Liquid contains large amount of nicotine which can be absorbed through the skin causing sickness and sometimes even worse. If a child were to get a hold of some e-Liquid and drink it, the result would most certainly be a trip to the emergency room. That’s why it is advised that all vaping materials be locked inside of a box or carrying case where no child can get their hands on them.
If you vape, then it is best to not do it in front of your children. Children have a tendency to be rather impressionable so if they see you doing it, they’ll think it’s okay for them as well. Another thing to remember is to not take your child with you to a vape shop. Most vape shops will have many vapers in there blowing clouds into the shop as they are testing new accessories or liquids. While second hand vapor has not given exact details on how bad it is, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Vape Juice - E-Liquid and Nicotine Salts

E-Liquids and Nicotine Salts are composed of various ingredients which all have been FDA-approved. Most vape juices are either composed of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) as well as several other ingredients. Other ingredients include nicotine, and flavoring. Nicotne salts ahve an added benzoic acid to help balance the pH levels. This helps you add more nicotine levels. e-Liquid is a freebase nicotine. e-Liquid is a freebase nicotine which is pure.

Gost Vapor e-Liquid

Flavors and Doses

So after you’ve decided that you want to try an e-Cig, the next part is going to be choosing an vape juice. This can be a lot of fun because there are so many different flavors to try. It’s important to try several different flavors and decide which one is for you. If you’re having a hard time quitting cigarettes, you might want to choose something that tastes a little more like tobacco or menthol. You might just want something that tastes good to you.

So, you’ve found the right flavor but now you have to decide what strength E-Liquid you’re going to need. Generally, if you’re used to smoking a light cigarette or similar, you’re going to need 3-6mg. If you smoke a pack a day, you will want 12mg-18mg.

Customizing and Upgrading

Once you’ve found the right e-Liquid and a reliable starter kit, you’re probably going to want to branch out a little more. You can start customizing your e-Cig to fit your specific needs. That’s part of the fun of e-Cigs. They’re so customizable that they can become extensions of your personality. Vaporizers can be great conversation pieces at social gatherings when there’s not much else to talk about and people often bond while talking about their experiences with their e-Cigs and what kind of E-Liquids they like to use.

You can even upgrade by going onto advanced personal vaporizers or mechanical mods. These use cylindrical, bigger, and longer lasting batteries. You can change the voltage and wattage of the vaporizer to create more or less vapor. People tend to get the vaporizers made from brass, copper, and even wooden boxes.

5 Tips for Vape Pens

Quitting smoking is really important to your health and also really difficult for your body and mind. Imagine doing something for 10, 20, or even 40 years, it becomes a habit and that habit gets even harder to kick. Getting involved with eCigarette vape pens and vaporizing can ease the transition for your mind and body while not drastically damaging your health like smoking tobacco. These small devices can seem complicated for the new vaper but these tips can help you buy just the piece that is right for you.

Buy Variable Voltage eCigarette Vape Pens

A lot of the vape pens that you see are constant volt and cannot change the voltage of the battery. This is ok if you know what you are doing but for the many noobies or rookies, they do not so it’s best to experiment. When you change the voltage, it gives different ohm resistance to the atomizer or tank. This creates a more thick, delicious vapor; essentially the whole point! The higher the voltage the harsher your vapor will be but some people like this. They usually start at 3.2 volts and go all the way to 6.0 volts.

Experiment with Different eLiquids and Nicotine Salts

All eLiquids have a different ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, or as some of you know it as PG to VG, and you very well might prefer a different ratio than the next guy. Some juices will have 20% glycerin and others will have 30%. It is usually normal to have a 1:1 ratio but for bigger clouds of vapor, you will need a bit more VG. Vegetable Glycerin is a much thicker texture so you will need have it mixed with distilled water or a bit more PG to help it from clogging your atomizer.These ratios create the smoky vapor substance you’re looking for and lock in the flavor. With variances from company to company you will be glad you tried a couple of different options. You can even experiment making your own liquids, they sell glycerin at the local drug stores or Amazon.

Nicotine Salt Salty Man

Prime your Puff

With vaporizing there is a delay in the hit in comparison to drawing an actual cigarette because the battery has to heat the coil and the liquid to give you a good draw. Priming your puffs allows the unit to heat up and give you the thick, flavorful hit you’re craving. Just hold down your activation button 1-3 seconds before drawing, continue to hold button while you draw the vapors. Priming allows you to get the hit that you desire every time. Make sure to take long and slow drags as the harder you puff the cooler your coils will get.

Pay Close Attention to Your Battery

Battery life can remain but the hit still won’t be as satisfying if your battery isn’t running at full voltage. Try to keep it fully charged even though you know that you have some life left. The battery operates best at full capacity, if you start getting unsatisfying, dull hits then you are probably experiencing a low battery. Keeping it charged will not only save you eJuice but it will also ensure you’re never caught without your vaporizer. Invest in a car charger and charge on the go! Some vape pens don’t work while charging and others are dangerous to vape on while charging. Lithium ion batteries can get too hot and bubble up causing a small explosion.

Never Overfill your Atomizer or Pod

Overfilling your eCigarette vape pen can strip the atomizer and ruin your unit. Even a pod atomizer can be overfilled. If you cut all of the air out of the chamber with filling too high you will get small draws and possibly break your piece. Don’t fill too high and maybe just drop a couple of drops into your atomizer mid session using a hollow drip tip instead of a cartridge. This can help you to keep your session going without risk of overfill.

We don’t have much information at the moment about ecigs except that they have helped many smokers quit after many years. Short term benefits have shown that it is working but long term benefits haven’t been really made available to us. The truth is vaporizers have not been around long enough in the form they are now. E-liquids also are another thing to research on. However, scientists, cancer research groups, and more people have come to a conclusion that e-cigarettes will remain safer than traditional cigarettes that contain over 4000 chemicals.

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