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10 Spring Break Must-haves for Stoners

10 Spring Break Must-haves for Stoners

Spring has sprung and now it's time for some fun! But before you pack that car and head out to the beach there are a couple of essentials that you must have if you consider yourself a true stoner. You're going to want to check out this list to make sure you've got your must-haves if you're really about that stoner life. Go on, keep reading!

Raw Black Hat Snap Peak Back

Spring break is all about fun in the sun, but too much sun can make you look like Mr. Crabs so to avoid that stinging situation you'll need a hat and what better hat to rock than a RAW black snapback. If you thought this was an average hat, you thought wrong, this Raw Smokin' hat was designed not just to look good, but to help you smoke better. After countless times of us desperately searching for something to use as a poker now you've got it installed right in your hat.




Stash Can/ Safe Can

Even though Cannabis is legalized in more states, there are still some places that aren't as open-minded about marijuana as others. You don't want to get caught riding around with it as you're into the throws of your vacation, so to combat the headache and the unnecessary drama, get yourself a stash can/ safe can. They come in many different variations and you can place anything inside of them. Your precious nuggies will be kept hidden, safe and fresh with an airtight seal.


Next Level Game Tray

Stop rolling up on a paper plate, that's no way to live. Instead, roll up a Next Level Game Tray. It's more than a rolling tray, it's next level. The Next level game tray offers a rolling paper dispenser, grinder and it serves as a secret stash spot. Best of all, it's fashioned as a game boy, with over 240 pre-installed games!!  



Shine 1 1/4" Size 12 Sheet Pack Gold Rolling Paper

If you want to stand out from the crowd, roll up one with Shine rolling paperShine Rolling Paper offers luxury at your fingertips with 24K Gold rolling paper that shines. Shine gold rolling papers are made from a hemp blend base which makes for the smoothest slow burn. Every single sheet is handcrafted from 24K edible gold. If you want to get her number you better Shine:)



Sharper Rasta Cake Stack 4 Part Grinder

Face it, you need a grinder, it's essential, so why not grind up your green with a cake stack 4 part grinder? The Sharper Rasta Cake 4 Part Grinder offers the cool colors of the Caribbean and is designed for grinding and shredding dry herb and features a screen & spatula for sifting.


Ice Cream Silicone Hand Pipe 

It's only right that you toke out of an Ice Cream Silicone Hand Pipe, it's spring break for goodness sake. This unique novelty offers a glass bowl inside and freakishly resembles a delicious stone-cold ice-cream. It's a perfect inconspicuous hand pipe that you can take just about any place.


Lookah Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer 

For those of you that prefer to vape your herb, then the Lookah Ice Cream Dry Herb Vaporizer will amaze you. It's a super small discreet vaporizer that's great for heating your dry herb. The Lookah offers a 950mAh battery that's long-lasting and features a Nano-ceramic heating chamber with 6 temperature settings, and a pre-heating feature to ensure the purest full flavor vapor with every hit.

Spray Order Eliminator Air freshener 

 If you want to clear up any trace of weed smell let me tell you, that incense won't work. What you'll need is a spray odor eliminator air freshener. The spray order eliminator does exactly what it says. it eliminates any trace of odor including the strongest order of marijuana. How does it work you ask?? The enzymes from the smoke odor eliminator absorb the enzymes into the odor to help break down the odor compound structure. During the evaporation process, it picks up the scent and releases the fragrance into the room and walla, instant freshness.  

420 Formula Cleaner 

To get the high that you desire, you've got to clean your things. The 420 formula cleaner is formulated for pyrex, glass, metal, and ceramic. You can use it on your hand pipes, your bongs plus much more. The 420 cleaner cleans and deodorizes in seconds. Simply shake, rinse and enjoy!

Stinger Total Detox

Okay, spring break is over and it's time to go home. You're all smoked out and a little spacy from all the smoke and booze. What you need friend is the Stinger total detox. The Stinger Total Detox offers whole-body detoxification with a powerful propriety supplement blend to remove toxins naturally by promoting intracellular response.




There you have it, all of your essentials laid out for you. Now all you have to do is remember to back them. Happy Spring break:)

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