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Bubbler bongs are known to be great as a small portable smoking accessory. Bongs provide great hits but they can be frustrating to have to carry around with you and they make it extremely hard to have discreet sessions. Pipes are very discreet but they don’t pack the same type of quality that you would find in a bong and they might be lacking the type of power that you want in a group setting. Although you’d think you’d have to choose between one of the other, don’t fret! You can get the best of both worlds with what is known as a bubbler.

What is a Bubbler Bong?

A water bubbler pipe is an object that combines the body of the pipe with the functionality of the bubbler bong. Aptly called the mini-bong, a silicone bubbler pipes contain a bowl where you load and light the herb, a small section that contains water that mixes with the smoke when you begin inhaling the smoke, and a mouthpiece that brings the smoke to you. Although some do look like traditional pipes, others look like mini-bongs or a unique cross between the two objects.

How to Use a Bubbler

If you know how to use a pipe and you know how to use a bong, you know how to use a glass bubbler bong! All that you have to do is fill the water chamber with cold water. Once it’s filled, simply grind your dry herb, pack it into the bowl, and begin smoking! It’s that simple.

Why Choose a Bubbler

There are several reasons why you might want to choose a cheap bubbler over a bong or a pipe. There are several kinds. The most popular is the glass bubbler or the silicone bubbler bong. 

Easy to Handle (and Use)

Because they include both the characteristics of bongs and pipes, they are very easy to handle when you are engaging in a smoke sessions. No longer do you have to deal with handling a large bong. All you have to do is pack your cheap bubbler bong and start smoking.

Portable and Discreet

Since mini bubblers use smaller bodies than traditional bongs, they are much easier to carry around and if you choose one with a smaller body, they are also extremely discreet. You won’t have to choose a pipe and sacrifice the quality you are looking for out of your bong.

Perfect Mixture of Both Tool

A bubbler bong is the perfect mixture of the bong and the pipe. You get the ease of use and size that you would expect from a pipe but you also get the water hits and quality that you would get from a bong. Overall, it’s a great combination that allows you to make your smoking sessions much more versatile.

Cleaning a Glass Bubbler

There’s no one specific way to go about cleaning it. However, most recommend that you begin cleaning a bubbler pipe by pouring salt and rubbing alcohol into your device. Once you have filled your pipe, plug all holes and begin shaking to loosen any hard residue that has formed on the inside of your device.

Rinse out your pipe with warm water and use q-tips or pipe cleaners to get any of the hardened residue that wasn’t initially removed. If there is still residue that can’t be removed, it is recommended that you soak your cheap bubbler bong in rubbing alcohol until the hardened substances can be separated from the glass. Repeat this process as many times as necessary. Keep in mind, however, that more frequent cleaning will reduce the severity of the buildup.

Different Types of Bubblers

Much like there are different kinds of bongs and pipes, there are different types of bubblers. Here are some of the types that you will be able to choose from when you are shopping for your own.

Hammer Bubblers

The name of the hammer bubblers come from the shape of their stands. The bottom of the chamber of your device as well as the mouthpiece sit remain flat against the surface of whatever they are sitting on and the neck of the device reaches out diagonally to attach to the top of the chamber.

Sidecar Bubblers

Another name based off the design, sidecar bubblers feature mouthpieces that are angled rather than directed straight towards the user in order to prevent water from splashing up onto the user during use.


Sherlock bubblers are known for their S shape that can be found in Sherlock pipes.


If you’ve been looking for an even more portable variation of it, a pendant bubbler will allow you to wear it and carry it with you wherever you go.


Concentrate bubblers take you one step above herb and allow you to begin smoking essential oils and other concentrates that you wouldn’t be able to normally smoke. These are looked as some sort of mini dab rig.

Double Bubblers

Rather than containing one water chamber, double bubblers contain an additional chamber, which helps to further filter the smoke from your herbs and make your smoking session more enjoyable.

Bubblers are the best of both bongs and pipes. If you’ve been looking for a more portable bong alternative, use the guide above to find your first bubbler bong and begin enjoying water-based hits without having to pull your bong out each time!

Are Bubblers and Bongs the Same Thing?

 A bubbler and a bong are very similar but they're not the same thing. They both use water to filter out the smoke but the shape, design and the way they work is a bit different. A bong usually comes with its own down stem where you can pull out and let more airflow in. The bubbler comes with a carb hole. Bubblers have a thin mouthpiece with a short chamber.