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A Revamped Bill Could Legalize Marijuana in all 50

A Revamped Bill Could Legalize Marijuana in all 50

A new federal marijuana legalization bill is expected to be filed next week by house judiciary chairman Jerrold Nadler, the House bill is an updated version of the marijuana opportunity reinvestment and expungement (MORE ) Act passed in the house last December.

The revamped version of the MORE Act would make cannabis legal in all 50 states, removing the controlled substances Act making possession, use, and sales of cannabis legal.

Cannabis is legal in most states, the most recent to legalize cannabis is  New York City. In most states, the legality is variant on the US justice department's informal agreement not to enforce federal prohibition in those states. The MORE Act would abolish Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the marijuana laws.

The 2020 version of the bill suggested adding a five percent federal tax on all cannabis sales, with the taxed money going to communities impacted by the drug war. Last Year's version of the bill also pledged to expunge some cannabis offenses. The new bill proposes to contain these same laws.

The revised bill will allow people with previous cannabis convictions to apply for a permit to operate a cannabis business. The new bill focuses on those affected by the drug war allowing them to contain small business administration loans (SBA). The SBA applies to any type of business loan outside of cannabis.

Chuck Schumer a majority leader in the senate states, "The bill will prevent big alcohol and tobacco companies from dominating the market.

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